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The Studio

GINEPROSTUDIO is founded by designer Mattia Manzardo, is a graphic design studio.


Brand Identity - Logos - Iconography - Illustrations

Moodboards - Research Graphic concepts - Design Artwork Prints (placements / allovers) - Design embroidery - Colorways -Research tecnical prints - Pattern positioning

Book's Illustrations

Mattia Manzardo is a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in designing print concepts for fashion brands. Specialized in making and supporting all the graphic material necessary to a Brand’s collection. Strong grasp of the software programs necessary for the everyday workflow. The experience has given to him a keen critical eye as well as the necessary ability to work quickly and under high pressure situations, while maintaining a high quality to the work.


Mattia Manzardo
Creative Graphic Designer

ph: +39 3442584012


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